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Flood warnings remain in place as parts of the UK were hit by high tides, causing widespread flooding and evacuations in coastal areas. Hundreds of residents...

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23 November 2012 Strong winds and heavy rain are battering many parts of the UK and forecasters are predicting there is worse to come. More than 70 flood war...

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UK weather: Clean-up operation begins following worst storm in 60 years Coastal homes were swept away into the sea after the worst storm in more than 60 year...

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There is still widespread flooding in parts of Somerset. The Environment agency is being criticised for failing to dredge local rivers.Sign up for Snowmail, ...

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A storm wave overwhelms a sea defence in Bude, North Cornwall as Britain experiences high tides, floods and strong winds Get the latest headlines http://www....

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Like a modern-day King Canute, Sam Notaro is determined not to let rising waters flood his home. He lives in Moorland village in Somerset, southwest England,...

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Story Below: England Floods in UK - Flooding in England November 2012 - UK Flood More than 800 homes and business premises were contending with flooding on S...

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Looking into the non racist view that it was stupid to open UK's borders to Bulgaria and Romania in 01 Jan 2014, the same way the UK's borders were flung ope...

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Join my facebook page - Listen to THE best Alternative Media on the net, over on Jo...

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Follow ClimateState Video: UK floods: PM says money 'no object' in relief effort The news helicopter took a trip along the ...

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United Kingdom is SINKING UK Flooding last 24 hours. UK Floods Could Last Months, Scientist Warns Britain are now at risk of groundwater flooding and there i...

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With parts of the UK continuing to suffer the aftermath of the most severe winter floods in years, attention has focused on how flooding can be prevented or ...

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