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Flood warnings remain in place as parts of the UK were hit by high tides, causing widespread flooding and evacuations in coastal areas. Hundreds of residents...

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A storm wave overwhelms a sea defence in Bude, North Cornwall as Britain experiences high tides, floods and strong winds Get the latest headlines http://www....

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Like a modern-day King Canute, Sam Notaro is determined not to let rising waters flood his home. He lives in Moorland village in Somerset, southwest England,...

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23 November 2012 Strong winds and heavy rain are battering many parts of the UK and forecasters are predicting there is worse to come. More than 70 flood war...

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As communities in Southern, South West and Central England remain at risk of flooding as yet more heavy rain is expected tomorrow and on Saturday, military p...

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UKIP's Nigel Farage talks about the UK floods, and the government should spend money in the UK, not piss it on crap "foreign aid" (like to India who has a sp...

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My book "The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse": Website: http...

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There is still widespread flooding in parts of Somerset. The Environment agency is being criticised for failing to dredge local rivers.Sign up for Snowmail, ...

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United Kingdom is SINKING UK Flooding last 24 hours. UK Floods Could Last Months, Scientist Warns Britain are now at risk of groundwater flooding and there i...

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UK weather: Scarborough man rescued from van caught in tidal surge flood Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Emergency services attempt t...

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As David Cameron promises money is no object in handling the floods crisis, Channel 4 News heads to some of the worst hit areas to find out what is going on....

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UKIP Nigel Farage speaks to the BBC about UK Floowds.

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